Summer News: Facebook Connect, Permalinks

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During the summer we introduced two important new features: Facebook Connect and Permalinks.

Facebook Connect
To log into Blomming, or to create a new account, is now faster. Both in the Login and the Signup Page the Facebook Connect button is now available. This allows to enter Blomming without keying in user and password, but just pushing a button. 

No changes has been made to the privacy policy: our usage of your personal data is exactly as it was before – that means, we do not use your data in any way, except communication ;).

The “permalinks”, from “permanent links”, are widely used in blogs, where they brought a big advantage for Search Engine Optimization. Now, every Blomming Product Page ha a full-indexable URL, using the product title instead of a number. This is a great advantage for being recognized by search engines, such as Google. Use your best words!