Success Case on Blomming: IdeaCalcio

Categories: Seller Tips By Severine Kaiser

IdeaCalcio FacebookToday, we are pleased to introduce a recent successful case of a Blomming Shop: IdeaCalcio. Because great stories begin with Blomming!

IdeaCalcio – the art of being out of orders within 30 minutes.

The story seems incredible – but possible, thanks to Blomming ;) Diego Franzoso is a Football instructor and Coach of the basis Uefa B. He’s running his own Soccer Blog and started to sell his own E-book called “Dai torelli alle esercitazioni posizionali” on Blomming and on his Facebook Page, for only 3,99 euro. What happened? After only 30 minutes, 50 E-books have already been sold! After this lightning success, he decided to raise the number of E-books  and to increase the price of 1 euro, to make the phenomenon last. In total, he sold 112 E-books in the first week! It’s the proof that especially E-products are gaining attention and are now among the preferred items for users: the selling process is easy, as you send the link/pdf directly by email to the user.


What is the receipt of this success?

The most important thing to bear in mind is the Facebook page fanbase. The Page is young, not even 2 years old and got already 4053 likes. It isn’t difficult to understand why – the content of the Page is well done. As it is concerning football, the posts are about tactics, tips and advices, either in videos, graphics or texts that redirect to the Blog. Consistancy is important, and so he’s posting about 1-2 times a day, to keep fans always upadated. It is also very interesting to notice that he always replies to any question or comment. And, of course, he has his own shop on the Facebook Page powered by Blomming for more success!

You can also do it – build your own Community, share, and sell with Blomming!