Style: What does It Say About You?

Categories: Fashion, Photography By Laís Fulgencio


Have you ever thought about what your style say about you?Clothing choices are rarely neutral, and traces of our personality  can be read in our decision between this shirt instead of that other one. Coco Chanel once said: “If a woman is badly dressed, it’s the dress we’ll notice; but if she is impeccably dressed, it’s the woman herself we’ll notice.”
We always heard that people usually judge us by the clothes we wear and there is not a second chance to make a first impression. But how much clothes and hairstyle can change the perception we have over a person? You may not believe but the couple above is the same couple pictured in all the other photos on this post. Yes, that’s right; the same couple and angle, however, the photos show quite different people. How is that possible?
The Spanish photographer Nacho Rojo and his girlfriend created a fun series, titled Coupleswhere the two present themselves as different characters within various social groups.
General style, gestures, posture, facial expressions, hair, body piercings, and tattoos visually lead us to create a certain story about each couple pictured. Where they come from, which kind of persons they might be, what kind of music they like…
However, when you break all the make up and dressing up down, it’s just Rojo and his girlfriend,  behind character. They change nothing but their outer facade, which raises the question of how we might tend to identify other people based on appearances alone and certain make us think about the concepts of identity and social behavior.


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