Make Your Street Style

Categories: Fashion By Zahra Sartipi

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Hey guys,
Today is your turn, we are going to talk about your style.
Walking on the street and looking at what people wear, you see so many different styles: classic, chic, easy, casual, transgressive, hippy, punk…, Most of them are inspired by mainstream and some of them are very personalized and characterful, but there is one feature that all they have in common and it is that every look demonstrates the personality and humor of the people. Nowadays we call it Street Fashion.

There is not a right definition to Street Fashion or Street Style, but we believe that it’s not nothing more than the style made by people for people. We all have a hint of street fashion on us, some more  and others less, it’s related to the taste, culture and creativity of a person and usually it’s associated to the Youth Culture. Street Style is urban, creative and youthful. People express their personality and humor through their cloth in a cool and trendy way.

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How you can personalize your style? One of the easiest mode is mix and match classic cloth with some particular accessories or some “crazy” garment that nobody imagine that is a possible match. How to do so? Use your refined taste, creativity and a little bit craziness. (Be careful to not exaggerate. Equilibrium is the golden word here.).
If you are looking for a new look and you are bored of wearing T-shirt and jeans, open your closet and put on a classic jacket (better if you have one from the sixties), a sportive jersey pants with a tartan shirt and a very masculine shoe or simply a converse. You will look classic urban and at the same time fresh and youthful. What do you think?
We have some suggestion for you who want to look urban and trendy: Our artisan sellers in Blomming provided so many ideas for you to be inspired and make your own look. Check some:

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Remember to be imaginative and effortlessly break the rules. Be your own stylist!
Happy Blomming!

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