Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Categories: Fashion, Shoes By Maria Marinelli

60's wedding dress from Judy Torbett

Being in love with 60’s fashion, I really like this vintage dress! Rather than on new and blue things, I would like to focus on something old. How beautiful and romantic a vintage inspired wedding can be? While it’s very nice to go and choose a brand new dress with brand new accessories, we can’t deny that sometimes it’s all a bit too aseptic. Choosing a vintage dress (or just some vintage items) can make your special day more personal and romantic. On top of that, from a single dress or accessory you could develop the whole theme of the party.

In the photo: 60’s wedding dress from Judy Torbett

Browsing online, then, I found some accessories that would perfectly match it. Choosing them was great fun!

Wedding Dress - Lacey Shoes

Wedding dress belt by The Red Magnolia

Lacey shoes by Tess Harriss