Solitaire.exe, Playing Cards

Categories: Design, Smart Ideas By Mattia e Perla


I’m not young enough not to remember Solitaire on Windows computers. I must also confess that I sepnt entire summers practicing so that I could win, and enjoy the cards cascading on the screen, do you remember?

It makes me happy to see that someone has brought them to life. Let me explain myself. The designer¬†Evan Roth has recreated the computer games design on real cards. The result is Solitair.exe, a pack of colourful 8-bit cards. And the palm tree on the back of the pack? Don’t you worry, that is also there.Solitaire-Carte-da-Gioco

The original design for Solitaire on Windows 98 was created by Susan Kare in the late 1990. Now, says Roth, the old players of Solitaire can reconnect with their old digital buddy by bringing it beyond the screen, the same old buddy that kept us company during the ‘dark age’ of computers without internet and the resultant boredom of the screen.Mazzo-Di-Carte-Geek

Unfortunately they have sold out completely from the Copper-Hewitt design museum shop, but you can mail them and they will inform you as to when they are available again.

Remember them as a present for your super geeky friends!