Social Media Lovers: How to Choose the Items to Promote

Categories: Seller Tips By Valentina Sangiovanni


As you already know, it’s not necessary having something to sell to participate in the Blomming community! Thanks to the Social Affiliation program, everyone can promote different products, earning a percentage, when these products are sold. If you are a Social Media Lovers, and you have a lot of followers on your blog or on social networks, do not miss this opportunity: this is the only form of affiliation where you choose the items to promote, so you don’t have to support something in which your community is not interested. But how to choose which products to advertise?

Common Interest and Consistency

Needless to say, you should promote just the products that are interesting to your community: it’s pointless show a tech item if your follower are passionate reader! On the other hand, try to have consistency: if you take care about bio cosmetic and natural wellness product, promoting jewelry is risky and maybe pointless. It doesn’t mean that your reader won’t be interested in them, but you could confuse them.


Cheap Product vs Expensive Product

When an item is sold by one of your link, or post, your profit is a percentage of the price’s product: more expensive is the item, more money you make. But, on the other hand, selling an expensive product is more difficult than selling a cheap one. Our suggestion? Sell them both, maintaining a percentage of 20% (expensive) and 80% (cheap). Of course “cheap” and “expensive” are personal terms, based also on the market niche.

One of a Kind or Standard Items?

On Blomming you can find a lot of unique product: that can be sold just one time. Even in this case, our advise is to select carefully! When you promote a standard item can happen that the same link or article, posted months before, brings you a new sales: great! Just do not underestimate the one of a kind item: the possibility to lose the deal can bring a sense of rush in your readers! Take advantage of it.


Online Reputation

Recently, a lot of talk on the internet, is about social or online reputation. It consists of the total talking, made about us, online – both in case we know or not. Try to boost just products in which you believe, maybe from a seller you know, or you have already tested it, buying from him/her. In this case, the tag Top Shop that Blomming gives out to different shops can be of big help.


If you still have doubts or, you are a seller who wants his products sponsored by the Social Media Lovers, check our FAQ about Social Affiliation: you’ll find all the answers.