Social Media in Real Life: Unbelievable!

Categories: Inspirational, Smart Ideas By Severine Kaiser

Can you imagine a life without our favorite social media channels? Me neither. Spending hours on Facebook chatting. Looking for the perfect picture on Pinterest. Reading the new Blogpost on Tumblr. And so on. But if you think you are the geekest person on earth, I have to disappoint you. There are people litterally living in the Social Media World. Want a proof? Here it is, let’s take a round!

Twitter themed Hotel

We present: the Sol Wave House, located in Mallorca, World’s first Twitter Hotel. Beside the rooms and the drinks which are inspired by Twitter, you have a #SocialWave Community, so the guests can communicate with each other. The craziest is that the Hotel’s WiFi network has an own Twitter application through which you can see other guests online and see their location in the hotel. You can even order and make requests via #FillMyFridge and @SolWaveHouse (by the way, the same concept exists in Sydney with the 1888 Hotel inspired by Instagram!).

Facebook Ice cream

Because chocolate ice cream is way too mainstream: we invented Social media flavored ice cream. A croatian man had this idea while observing his 15-year old daughter scrolling daily through Facebook. You can try it in the Valentino Ice cream shop in Tisno, Croatia. So what does Facebook taste like? Apparently like chewing gum and candy (but the original receipt is blue syrup over vanilla ice cream).

Song inspired by Instagram
ANTH snape

Instagram as inspiration for a musician: Anthony Snape from Australia is touring the world to play music. He’s playing well as a solo acoustic artist but also with his band, which last’s single was “Say so”. The new song “Pictures” is talking about Instagram users posting…pictures. Curious? We were too and watched it here. We wonder if the next song will be inspired by Tumblr?;)