Social Affiliation: Increase Your Sales Thanks to Promoters

Categories: Seller Tips By Severine Kaiser

pic1Christmas is the only time of the year where you make multiple purchases in general and especially online. Why not take advantage of this? As the time is running out, you don’t have much time to work on your products, but you have plenty of opportunities to advertise as much as possible your creations/products. How? Just let someone else sell them for you!

Nowadays, we all know the power of the social networks and blogs, and we have to recognize they influence also on our purchases (74% of online purchases are conditioned by social networks). Who got a shop on Blomming has the opportunity to share, and then to see and propose their products to friends and family: definitely a good catchment area, but you probably already know this and shared your own products… Then how can we extend our audience?

Thanks to the Blomming Affiliation, you can enable Bloggers and Social Media lovers to sell products on your behalf, giving them a small percentage that you decided yourself. Imagine you are an emerging designer and have 2,000 fans who will see your clothes. What would happen if these clothes are seen of 200,000 or even 2,000,000 people, instead of “only” 2000?
pic2With the affiliation system, you will allow other people – called Promoter – to directly sell your products or advertise them – exactly as you do – on Facebook, on their blog or on other social channels. In this way your audience can increase significantly and many more people will see your products. All you have to do is giving a small commission to the successful Promoter!

We believe that this system will help everybody a bit: the Blommers will give a significant boost to their sales, while the Promoters have the ability to exploit the products that they consider interesting. Unlike other affiliation programs, those involved in promoting can choose the products according to their own tastes, so only products that will be appreciated by his own community.
pic3Activating the Affiliation Program on Blomming is simple and free. Simply go to the “Promote” section from the control panel of your Shop, choose the percentage for your Promoters, fill out the form with your data, and finally accept the Terms of Service. At this point save and click “Get Paypal” to confirm your membership. It takes just a few minutes!

To know more about this, visit the Help section dedicated to the Affiliation Program, or consult the FAQ on this topic. Give your sales a boost of energy for this Christmas!

What? You don’t  have a shop on Blomming  yet? What are you waiting for?