Simple and Sucessful Tips to Use Facebook For Customer Care

Categories: Facebook, Seller Tips By Laís Fulgencio

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Facebook , as we talked about here, is a great showcase for your products and your shop. On Blomming, around 1 in every 3 sales are made on Facebook. However, Facebook can also be a great tool for taking good care of your customers and be sure that they will come back for more.  Besides the old story that keeping a customer is much cheaper than to get a new one, a client who had an excellent experience will recommend you to others. So, in addition to maintaining a good relationship with existing customers, focus on good service will also brings you new clients.


Your Facebook Shop Page is a open channel between your clients and you. So how you can use it to help them have a better experience?
The first step is listen to what people are saying about you on Facebook. It’ll help you spot issues and resolve them; and it’ll tell you what your customers love and hate which can help you on your product development.
Don’t be afraid to let customers talk to each other. Sometimes they’ll be able (and willing) to help each other out but always check they’re telling each other the right things and recognize and acknowledge the efforts of useful contributors saying thank you.

Then, if you’re going to do customer service on Facebook, Do customer service on Facebook. Don’t  leave comments without proper answers and try to do it promptly. 42% of clients expect their questions to be answered in within one hour and 67% expect it to be answered in the same day. Always remember to interact with your customers.
Be there for your client, and he will be there for you too.

Happy Blomming!