Silagà Design: Perfect Color and Pure Materials for Charming Bijoux

Categories: Bracelets, Earrings, Jewelry, Necklaces, Rings By Valentina Sangiovanni

Silaga-Bijoux-DesignSilagà Design: colorful pictures that show us light and cheerful bijoux, made up of  bright beads and thin thread. The creative mind behind Silagà Design is 100% Made in Italy, from Apulia region to be correct. During school she studied political-economy, but her passion for handmade and beauty dives her to create the brand  Silagà Design.

Country-brooch-silaga-designIn the shop, you won’t find just earrings, necklaces or rings, but every king of girl’s accessory: key rings, brooches, hair accessories and much more.


“My accessory’s strength are, certainly, the color-marriage, the care for details, creativity, customization and the different techniques” and we cannot disagree: colors match perfectly, creating for every jewellery of accessory, very attractive color palette!


Almost every products you see in Silagà Design‘s shop come from creative recycling, being properly example of eco-design: cloth scraps and felt or wool – strictly hand-felted – that become small masterpieces, absolutely handmade. Everything is handmade, even the packaging: a nice little box, hand-assembled, and decorated with original patterns.


The materials and the tecniques used to create Silagà Design’s accessory are vary: ranging from beads to wool, from copper to brass and sometimes even organic materials such as nut shells or pasta.


About the relationship with her followers and buyers, Silagà Design says “I think it’s very important to give space and voice to those who chose to wear my creations. I have always considered the dialogue with my partner as a crucial part of my jobs. They need constant attention and special care, especially after the purchase.” Definitely a positive attitude and we like it very much!