Shuffle: Nifty Ideas for Presents That Won’t Break The Bank

Categories: Shopping By Francesco Bassetti

gufo-spille-stoffa-porta spille

Take a look at our collection of Gifts under 25€, you will be sure to find a whole range of great but affordable presents, for friends, family, collegues or whoever.


For example Qubeat’s slick and simple watch is the ideal present for anybody. It has style and character, whilst at the same time being compatible with any attire. A perfect gift if your unsure about what to get someone and don’t want to go wrong.

desk tools-boxes-boxes for desk-pencil holder

Or maybe you want to get someone from the office a present. These sets of boxes, sold by Tododesign, are a quirky solution to your co-workers messy desk. Or anyones for that matter!

mac-stickers-stickers for mac-

How many of you are sick of seeing that apple with a munch taken out of it? Well with Principita’s stickers you now get to mix it up a bit.

diary-wooden diary-christams-gift-agenda-wood

Everyone needs to organise their day, wether it be with work, studying or even just leisure. What better place to coordinate everything than in a wooden diary, so if you muck up your appointments you’ll know where to bang your head.;)

All these and much more in our under €25 collection