Shuffle: Boxes and Cards To Make Your Presents Perfect

Categories: Arts & Crafts, Shopping By Francesco Bassetti

dont panic-christmas-box-keep calm and carry on

Every present needs proper packaging and a special card where you can put colour and words to the spirit of Christmas. On Blomming we have the perfect collection of such items that will make your carefully chosen presents stand out even more. So do not panic, just as Zoluska’s shop containers suggest, as Blomming has all the decor solutions your presents will ever need.


Begin by placing your gifts in one of LenORe’s  magical boxes, which she hand crafts wonderfully in any colour you might desire, with exquisite ribbons. A wonderful way to present your extra-special presents.

Now that your gifts are wrapped up all your missing is an original and captivating Christmas card. Once again we have a wonderful selection on Blomming, from Lukava’s quirky designs (for all those party animals out there) …

card-christmas-design-christmas card

… to Scrappichiara’s handmade selection…

christmas card-handmade-christmas-card

… and the alternative ‘Christmas Cacti’ found at Mimonni’s shop.


And if your presents are bursting from the seams of their packaging, forget about cellotape and grab some of the beautiful good-luck pegs sold on Forever AB’s shop.

clip ons - gift - christmas


In any case, whatever you choose to buy as a present for Christmas, just make sure it’s presented in the right way as, fortunately for you, books are often judged by their covers.

Check out our whole collection on Blomming.