Perfect Products For The Perfect Dad

Categories: Shopping By Laís Fulgencio

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Well, in this week Newsletter we have a great variety of products but with the Father’s Day around the corner we picked some items that can please a modern and cool dad. The first item I would like to highlight is a best-seller, and had already appeared here in our newsletter, but now it comes back on sale! The Hacker Watch Design by Michael Young.

Hacker Watch

The Hacker by Michael Young deviates from the conventional appearance of a watch, featuring a concave face with a central disk that supports the hands while features bold lines from the center to the edge that allow time to be read quickly. A great gift for an active and busy dad. And if yours is more worried with comfort, what about this 100% cotton long sleeves shirt by Prince of Joy? It is perfect for who loves denim or sporty style.


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