7 Things you Should Do to Increase your Online Sales for Christmas

Categories: Seller Tips By Severine Kaiser

cover christmasThe end of the year is a wonderful period! You rest, you’re with your family, the atmosphere is serene and there are sweets, but… It is also the time of year with the most online purchases! Think about it: gifts, decorations, treats, greeting cards, table decorations… It isn’t a secret that e-commerce is growing steadily; this is your chance to sell more online too!

Do you remember the tips we gave for Black Friday? It is the weekend in which people start their Christmas Shopping in the United States. So if you think you have a lot of time to polish your virtual storefront, you are mistaken. Rather follow these easy tips to improve your shop for the festive season.

Check your stocks

You cannot sell what you don’t have – if you have photos of products that you would like to sell but have not yet loaded in your shop, do it now! The more products you propose, the more possibilities you have. Then, check your shop to the smallest details and make sure that the stock availability is correct. Also update new versions of products – such as size and color – if necessary also price, photos. Everything!

Do it Better with Special Offers!

Once the management of your stocks is settled, you have to make them interesting for your customers. The possibilities here are endless, and I believe that every shop will find what is most adapted to its products. Whether a gift certificate, free shipping, discounts, coupons, special promotions, offers 2 × 1… You might even include a little gift for all shipments of the pre-Christmas period. Perfect to build trust, and it is always a nice surprise to find another gift with your order!

Spread the Voice

Now that your window is shining, it’s ready to be seen by the largest number of people possible! First of all, make sure to make the most of what Blomming offers. Do you already have a Shop on Facebook ? And on your website? Did you know that about half of the purchases on the internet last year have been influenced in some way by a social channel? Enter the Blomming community to get visibility and increase sales during the holiday season! And do not forget to intensify your presence on social channels.

Creating different Shipping profiles is a fast way to increase, potentially a lot, your audience. By having different profiles corresponding to different expenses, it will be difficult to be organized, so get ready on time because nobody wants to receive their Christmas presents in the afternoon of the 24th! For sure, some Christmas apetizers, parties with colleagues or a visit to your family will be planned in the previous days, so get organized.

The importance of words
The most typed words in internet will be “gift”, “Christmas”, “ideas”, “perfect gift”. Include in the title and in the description of the product similar words refering to Christmas. Play with your products: create top list offering valuable advice to fans: “Top 5 Gifts for Dad”, “Top 5 Gifts for the geek friend” and then publish it on your social networks. There is always someone looking for an idea (me, for example…).

Be present
Intensify a bit your presence on all your channels: social networks, Shop, Site or Blog. Nobody likes to wait, especially during this hectic period. Reply as quickly as possible to any request for information, the laps of time (and also the friendliness of your reply) may be crucial for the final choice of your possible customer!


The beauty of Christmas can be affected by stress, as there are so many things to do. Of course, it is better to have the philoshphy of “do it before it’s too late”, but your clients don’t think like this. So give yourself a deadline and also tell it to them. Write in large letters when you stop producing, packing, take orders or ship. If you’re asking yourself why, I give you two reasons: on one hand, you place them people a condition of urgency, and on the other hand it will preserve you from a lot of stress.

Ready? Stay tuned for more tips and keep Blomming!