Seller Tips: How To Use Twitter

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In the previous Seller Tips articles we discussed the enormous potential of the various social networks, which are used not only by people but also (and increasingly) by small and large companies. Nowadays, it seems clear that any company present on Social Media should be prepared to answer any kind of question, in a fast, clear and consistent way with the type of contact. We already have presented the business side of Pinterest, most used by photography enthusiasts, and Facebook, the most populated and popular of all, where create a page its simple and very effective.
Today we want to introduce you to Twitter: the most popular micro-blogging site. A Social that we, on Blomming, follow with great passion and which we believe has an enormous potential for our Sellers.
With nearly 300 million members and a daily grow between 5,000 and 10,000 new users, Twitter can bring to your business the perfect tool to keep a close contact with customers and solve, in a fast way, they problems and doubts. But how to do it in a efficient way?
First of all we would like to point out that, as in all other channels,  is very important to build an identity for your shop right from the start. The first and essential step to is to set up a profile picture and a cover to make our Twitter welcoming and engaging, is the showcase of 2.0! We leave you a couple of examples of our Blommer: good, right?

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Twitter Marketing: The art of not selling

The experience, but also common sense, tells us that if we only try to sell or advertise on Twitter, our followers will eventually leave us. The ideal would be to retain these people by making them aware of our growth, our path as a company. In this way,they will be more receptive and appreciate more messages related to the sale. The golden rule on tweeter is: “more conversation and less promotion.”
Okay, here we are, account open, profile filled and running on all Social Network.And now what do we do? Surely participate: interact, ask, share, meet, learn, thank … Twitter is a dynamic universe in which we must behave in a proactive manner.
But don’t forget of one sphere of interaction: Listen! The point of our presence in the social media is not so much to “talk” but also to listen. Listen to what people say about us, how we are perceived by customers, which is the interest according to the different communities, and what the competition or, in the particular case of Blomming, other creative network, from which we can take inspiration, are doing. One Blomming we try to monitor all mentions that our followers (and non-followers) make about us, so we can give more visibility to their initiatives.

But now it’s up to you! If you are curious to embark on this new adventure, we can give you a hand and maybe put you in touch with other people with the same interest as you. The internet is full of talents waiting to be discovered. If you are already an advanced user and have a community on Twitter, let us know your strategies and results, so we share!

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-Follower: Follow to be followed. Find interesting people to follow like users with the same interests, but also relevant and influent persons to find inspiration. Follow also your customers; show interest in their problems and try to answer their questions in a friendly way, without losing the seriousness. Do not get obsessed with the number of followers, developing a solid and consistent strategy and you will have the satisfaction of seeing grow your community.

-Hashtag (#) : A way to categorizing tweets on Twitter (i.e., #fashion #handcraft #blomming) Remember to look out to the current trends, discover what is spoken in the world and uses the Twitter hashtag # to increase your visibility without cluttering your posts and make them indecipherable. Use them also to engage your audience through originality. Also useful to follow events.

-Tweet: Every Twitter update will reflect your organization. You are developing an online reputation with constituents and peers, so always make sure you’re adding something useful to the conversation.Be consistent, avoid publish to “burst” your products, services or messages. Try to be present by sharing interesting content (and not always directed to the sale, as we explain below) with your followers. Be consistent and varied, try different times of day to communicate with your audience. And remember, you have 140 characters to find the right balance between links, content, and hashtags.

– Retweet: Share the messages of your followers, clients or not. Retweets of interesting content can help you keep the right mix of opinions, images, inspirational phrase, proposals, etc and also help you to interact with the community.

-Mention: Remember that you can tag (using Facebook terms) your contacts with the usual “@”. It is an effective way to involve the community, maybe doing some specific questions or simply by mentioning the affected user.