Scented Drawer Linens Bring New Life To Every Drawer

Categories: Home & Garden, Home Decor By Valentina Sangiovanni

ScentennialsToday we would like to talk about a shop coming from Texas! Actually the real adventure starts in Taipei, China in 1987, when Paul and Margaret found a scented drawer liner. As they remember “Although the quality and design along with the fragrance was not great, they liked the product, and decided to buy some to take home and study“.


At that time, Paul and Margaret have just sold their restaurant, so were looking for new adventures. They start visiting linen shop along with gift and perfum shop. After a couple of years they launched their first line at the California Gift show in Los Angeles with 6 liners. Today, along with other three “old” fragrances, they are still on the market in the collection Original.


The show was a tremendous success and Paul and Margaret received several orders from small and big companies. Today the brand Scentennials still enjoys a great reputation and still services many of the companies that found them at the first gift show. The new company owner Neira Gordon, who has always had a big passion for perfums has, as a matter of fact, keep the same company’s spirit!


Forget classic, boring scented linen, when you visit the Scentennials‘ shop! You won’t find any sachet or scented soap bar, just simple sheets that cover -  bringing both happiness and great perfums – to the bottom of your drawer. The pattern available at the Scentennials shop are just incredible: ranging from floral, baby decor, vintage model or even animalier, for the more daring!


Scentennials offers fragrances for every taste: cedar wood, roses, lavender, ginger white, the scent of French Garden – whatever that means! – and the fresh coconut-lime combination! And who, amongst us, wouldn’t love to smell the scent called Gift of Persia? Needless to say, the sheet in baby decor begins with top notes of light powder with a hint of Vanilla!


The sheets are 16.5″ x 22″, so they’ll fit in almost every drawer. I heard rumors, in the last years, about computers that can transfer scents at a high distance, and that’s what I would love to have right now? How about you?