Save Water

Categories: Inspirational By Francesco Bassetti

water shortages-water pump in africa-children by the water pump-water is the new oil

Well you might think it’s not quite the right time to start talking about saving water, what with all the rain that has been falling recently, but you cannot run from the fact that accross the world water shortages are amongst the biggest causes of famine and nutritional problems. In Africa alone around 345 million people do not have a direct and reliable access to drinking water, and Africa isn’t the only continent that experiences such problems. Every 21 seconds a child dies from a water-related illness and women across the globe spend 200 million hours per day collecting water.

women carry water-200 million hours per day collecting water

Fortunately, in this scenario of terrible proportions, there are some people and organizations that are fighting to bring change both to regions that are affected and to the mentality and dominant attitudes that surround water. For example are a brilliant charity who are fighting for ‘new solutions in the water sector, new financing models, greater transparency, and real partnerships to create lasting change.’ What is more they are not the only ones, plenty small and large ┬áscale charities are dedicated to the building of wells and developing infrastructure and sanitation so as to allow better and cleaner access to water.

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Yet the problems of water are not only confined to Africa and other developing countries. ‘Water is the new oil‘ is a frase that seems to be popping up left, right and centre and the true implications of this are apparent in our constantly rising water bills, in the global water alerts and crop failures that pervade the news every summer, and the current debate on the privatization of water vs water as a common good. All these are themes that are strongly related to our knowledge of water issues just as much as to our non-sustainable patterns of water consumption.

The book The Ripple Effect: The Fate of Fresh water in the 21st Century, by Alex Proud’homme, is a seminal piece of literature on this topic and bound to change both your water habits and understanding of the importance and role of water in our society. What this book points out is the problem, amongst many others, of how developed countries take water for granted. From his website you can find plenty of information about water that are useful and important toward spreading knowledge and therefore generating positive change.

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Well you may be asking yourself what has this all got to do with the usual inspiring post to which our saturday is dedicated? Well it is down to the fact that we can all make a difference. From spreading knowledge and information to the simple act of turning off the tap when you brush your teeth and taking care to notice how much water you consume… well in the case of the latter there is a great Blomming product that must be called into question. This is the water pebble, whose effects might be comparable to that of a drop in the ocean, but it will certainly help you monitor your water consumption and therefore contribute to the solution of the rising global water crisis.

This is this weeks source of inspiration: no matter how overwhelming problems may seem there is always a solution and there are always people willing to work toward that solution. Knowledge and action are the key.