Sales Time: Join #BlommingSale

Categories: Seller Tips, Shopping By Alejandro Mendo


Party is over, they say. Are you sure though? It’s Sales Time!

Sales are the perfect chance for your Shop to activate and engage your Community: sellers can easily generate more orders and this means make more money, but they can also renew the products in stock, while customers are attracted and rewarded by the opportunity to buy at affordable prices.

Find the promotion that best reflects the philosophy of the Shop, the type of products you sell and of course bear in mind your Community of customers and fans. And don’t worry, we won’t leave you alone!

We thought of a few initiatives dedicated to the coolest products and the best deals.

If you are a Seller and want to participate in our #BlommingSale Campaign, just follow these easy tips:

  1. Update your Shop, hiding thouse products sold out and applying Special Discounts to those that you wish to promote
  2. Share the news on your website/blog, and of course let your Social Followers know (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…). Use the hashtag #BlommingSale
  3. Create a Collection on your Shop dedicated to Sales so that your customers can quickly find the products on Sale. Remember to share the link for some visibility!
  4. Use a special picture for your Facebook Shop icon: you can download the one we’ve prepared HERE.
  5. Oh, and do not forget these 4 Steps for a Successful Online Shop

Ready? Go!