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saletag1Wednesday is the day in which we bring to you the best products on the whole Blomming Community on our weekly Newsletter. What can be better then the best products in evidence for you? All those products in Sale! The sales season have not started in most countries yet but it already arrived on Blomming.
This week newsletter is filled with products in sale and here I will highlight my favorite ones for you but  to receive those great deals directly on your mail, don’t forget to subscribe !

Look how cute is this pink 100% bio cotton baby body? I will let any young lady pretty and comfortable. The best part? It was €21.50 but now is only €12.90!

Baby Pink

This next item I fell in love with, too bad they don’t have it on my size. Best part? It’s only €44! You are more fashion then that? What about the unique handmade decoupage Walking Dead shoe?? Amazing isn’t it? Almost 50% off, don’t forget to check it out!! For more shoes on sale , click here


Walking Dead




Also in our Newsletter, our amazing and updated 4th of July Collection, staring the american flag.

Born in USA

Happy Shopping!!!