Rock it Factory Lab

Categories: Accessories, Bags, Fashion, Jewelry By Valentina Sangiovanni


Rockit Factory Lab: a young brand for young people, that delight people right form Naples till Brasil! In their shop you’ll find sexy dresses, design handabags, and futuristic jewellery with a touch of vintage. The brand’s style is all about details and contrasts: black vs white, minimal vs baroque, freak vs chic. A style that keeps evolving since its birth, throughout opposite inspirations and ongoing developments.


The brand’s designer is Saria Giobbe, eclectic soul and multi-skilled artist that attended the Accademia di Belle Arti di Neaples. Her resume is filled with international experiences and world-wide known artists collaborations, mainly in jazz music. But Saria gets around to manage Rockit Factory Lab despite her busy life, and she designs beautiful and keen clothes and accessories.


In her jewellery we can find constant references to the world music and pop art: rings, necklaces and earrings made of  plexiglass, wood, clay or resin. Her jewellery’s style has several influences: the minimal style of geometric shapes suddently switchs to more elaborated ones, in a perfect and marvelous mix. While dresses are strongly inspired from the typical est and silky charm.


Every Rockit Factory Lab‘s collection is designed around an opposite duo, as guideline, and we’ll find fine vintage wood jewellery next to famous warhol’s bananas and multicolored skullsRockit Factory Lab‘s bag are mostly petite, you’ll see charming design combined with strong and aggressive colors!


Rockit isn’t just a brand, though. It is a real and active place where, as for the brilliant Warhol’s tradition, artists coming from different fields meet up, exchange ideas and experiment.


To learn more about this beautiful accessories and clothes, visit the Facebook page Rockit Factory Lab or the official brand’s site.