Rich Pins and Twitter Cards : New Way To Expose Your Products Now On Blomming

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Pinterest and Twitter launched some new features that can help you advertise your product in those social networks.  Of course Blomming could not be out,  so our Tech Team worked fast in order to be first to deliver you this new features. And here we are: Rich Pins and Twitter Cards are now available on Blomming.

Rich Pins

Pinterest, we talked about it here,  has recently launched a new feature called “Rich Pins“.
When you pin a product from Blomming into Pinterest, you will now see that your pins contain more information such as price, availability, description, etc . This will provide a better product discovery experience and allow you to attract more buyers to view and purchase your items.

The best part? Whenever you change the price of your pin product, every one that had pin it on their boards will receive an e-mail telling them about the update on that product. It´s a great way to communicate to your costumers a sale for example, don´t you think?

This is how a Rich Pin Looks Like:

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Twitter Cards

We also talked about how Twitter can be a great tool for promoting your shop and with the use of the new Twitter Card feature it become even better.

Twitter Cards let you bring richer shop experiences  to your followers within an expanded Tweet .  And what does that means?  When you tweet  from your Blomming shop  or add the link of a product to your tweet it will automatically show all product information as: price,  availability, sizes and a product picture on the tweet.  You don´t need to add them by yourself, you have only to click on Tweet  Button at the product page  or paste the link available and so you can use the 140 characters left to comment about it. The information will be automatically included leaving more space for you to describe the uniqueness of it then pricing it.

Besides that if your tweet get Retweeted,  the Twitter cards with bring all  your  information with it even if the person that re-twitted forget to add.

This is how a Twitter Card Looks Like:

Sem título


 How To Use the New Features


That´s the best part, using Rich Pins and Twitter card is very simple: Just click on Pin and Twitter buttons on the product page and voilà.


So , what are you waiting for start Pinning and Tweeting your Items?

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