Prost! It´s Time To Celebrate Beer

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Once upon a time, long long ago in a far away land known as Bavaria, a Crown Prince, who later became King Ludgwig I, married the beautiful princess Therese Von Sachesen-Hildenburghausen.
The loyal soldiers in the Prince’s National Guard thought that the horse races would be a nice way to celebrate the happy event. King Max, proud father of the Prince, gave his consent and so they became the gran-finale of five days of wedding festivities on October 17, 1810. This was the likely beginning of Oktoberfest.
The horse races became an annual event and were combined with the state agricultural fair the following year.

In 1811, an agricultural show was added to promote Bavarian agriculture. The horse race persisted until 1960, the agricultural show still exists and is held every four years on the southern part of the festival grounds. In 1816, carnival booths appeared making the festival looks like it is today.
The founding citizens of Munich assumed responsibility for festival management in 1819, and it was decided to make the Oktoberfest an annual event. Later, it was lengthened and the date pushed forward, because days are longer and warmer at the end of September.


The world’s largest beer festival closes this Sunday in Munich, Germany. And more than 6 million guests from around the world descend on the beer tents of Munich to celebrate the 16-day Oktoberfest extravaganza. The largest celebration of its kind in the world – have seen gone more then 7 million “Masse,” or liter beers in the Bavarian dialect.
The fact is, nowadays it´s a party that celebrates Bavarian culture, friendship and BEER! It is very easy to find a local Oktoberfest, Brazil, USA, Canada for example have big parties, but if there is none near you, why you don´t make your own Beer Party and also show your love from this tasteful drink? Blommer has all it takes to make it happen. Just choose your favorite items from our Passion for Beer Collection and some Artisanal Beers from collection, call your friends ….

october fest

And Cheers!! Or better said: Prost!

Ps: Remember to drink in moderation so your party can be filled only with fun moments! ;)