Promote Your Facebook Posts

Categories: Facebook, Seller Tips By Francesco Bassetti

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In our previous seller tips we went through how Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm works and how to optimize each of your Facebook posts. Now let’s discuss the possibility of promoting posts on Facebook. This function has the potential for bringing your content closer to your followers and therefore increasing engagement. Of course you have to do it effectivley for the desired results to be achieved. You need to know when and what to promote so that you are not wasting time and resources. Follow this infographic to learn how best to approach facebook’s option of promoting posts:


If you found this helpful and want to read more check out JonLoomer and their post on beating Facebook’s Edgerank as well as¬†Pay to reach some of your Facebook fans.¬†Otherwise you can see a step by step review of how a promoted post works by looking at this article on soshable. Both offer more in depth ideas on how and why paying to promote some posts is actually worth it!