5 Tips to Write Product Descriptions that Work… and Sell

Categories: Seller Tips By Valentina Sangiovanni

Writing-product-description-that-worksWhen you are trying to sell something online, its description can be the element that decides the sale! It’s the other tool you have, together with the pictures, to persuade your customers. Writing tags, title and description in the correct way means increasing the possibilities you have to resolve  the sale: on one hand you can optimise your shop for the search engines (SEO), and on the other hand, throughout the correct words, you can end up doing more sales. You should engage – convince – sell. How? With 5 simple moves:

Define your typical buyer

Imagine the typical persona who’ll visit your shop, but try to see him/her as a real person.  You should know him/her that much that you can say what he likes, what he does watch on tv, the websites he surfs, his preferences at the table. Of course, not every detail is worth of attention because it depends onwhich public you are talking to: if you are selling biological cotton shirts, it’s more likely that your visitors are people interested in non-chemical items and ecology. Writing  3 or 4 descriptions about your typical buyers persona could seems pointless, but it’ll help you to better identify your customers.

Do a list of your product’s benefits… just benefits

One of the most common mistake, when writing a product’s description, it’s bore the reader with long and detailed lists. It’s a good idea, trying to say everything about your product, but starting a description in this way, it will dissuade even the most interested buyer. Try to translate the product’s features into benefits for the buyer: what it can does for him/her, in which way it’ll resolve a problem, how, how long will it take. Then, maybe at the end, add all the others details about it.product-description-that-sell

Define your tone of voice

How do you want to talk with possible buyers? Serious and formal, or casual and friendly? The voice tone you decide to use, it defines you from your competitors, and it’s very important for the shop’s communication. To define it, think about how you’ll describe yourself or your company: “We are young and casual, but never impolite,” or rather “We are in the business since quite time now, but we are certainly not boring or ceremonious.” In general, always try to be  friendly, sociable, and interested in your customers’ requests. 

Promote Fast Reading

We all read faster online, plus endless and long texts will scary everybody out! Try to divide your text in small paraghafs, and if possible, add lists that allow to understand quickly the main important points. Try to be crisp, clear and avoid complicated roundabout expression, instead use pictures and videos that captivate the customers. Writing-good-product-descriptions

Retouching and Correction

At this point you should refine your text, so it’ll appear both easy to read and convincing. Be sure you didn’t forget anything and simplify as much as you can: use easy sentences and substitute all the difficult words. Delete all the set phrases and try to be more specific about your product: this will increase your credibility and the sense of uniqueness!

Never forget to read back: mistakes are easy to find and they mean poor care and attention: it could seems trivial, but too often we forget cause of the hurry!

Another way to increase your sales, is writing the description in another language: just remember than, to adjust your shipping profiles!