Pre-Christmas Sales: Fixing Concrete Goals and Achieving them

Categories: Seller Tips By Severine Kaiser

archer We dedicated last week’s Seller tips to 7 Things you Should Do to Increase your Online Sales for Christmas. Did you do your homework? Did you already “fix tour stocks” and “polish your virtual window” for the time of year where there are the most orders and online sales? Well, then there is nothing left to do… Except to decide what your goals are and how to achieve them by the end of December.

Why is it necessary to set targets?
shoppingAs in any field in life, if you do not set clear objectives, you will never know if you achieved them or not. Imagine being an archer: if you have no target to aim at, where do you point your arrow? Whether it is to make a number of sales on Blomming, exceed a certain number of visitors or reach well-defined sales figure; establishing targets is essential before venturing into any business.

How to establish these goals?
Remember that the goals are different for each seller, so adapt them to your aspirations and your current situation, and try not to limit yourself to figure X somewhere and then forget about it: be prepared to commit seriously to reach your target, whatever it is! In order to establish concrete goals we rely on the SMART method, which states that each of our targets should be Specific, Measurable, Accessible, Relevant and Time-bounded.

The first quality of the objectives you would like to achieve is the specificity! Each target should be precise and concrete, and it is not enough to declare “I want to sell more than last year”. Establish a well-defined goal which you want to reach, then plan which products and in which quantities will allow you to get there more easily.

measurableAs we have already said, your target should be easily measurable, so that even a child should be able to tell if you have achieved them or not. Whether it is the figure reached by the sales, or the number of sales, or the threshold of visitors, make sure that your target is measurable.

Here I should say almost Accessible! Setting too easy goals will not help your situation, but on the other hand establishing targets outside your limits and which are inaccessible will only increase your frustration. Try to opt for something that will spur you to do better, but that is within your area of ​​influence! If you have sold X products last month, don’t have as an objective to reach the same amount – it would be too easy considering that Christmas is approaching – but don’t multiply the number by one hundred neither!

Your goal should be relevant within a wider discourse, which in this case refers to the success of your e-shop. Try to see your target as the achievement of a step that is part of a previously defined scale. And of course, it should also be relevant for you: what would engage in something that really amounts?

Calendar with Deadline CircledA goal without a deadline is not an objective, is just a chat in a bar! Setting a date for your target audience is a very useful way to increase the sense of urgency in you and, moreover, provides a clear stop to your route. In this case it may coincide with the last date to make shipments or on Christmas Day itself.

Defining the objectives that correspond to your list might be difficult in an already challenging time like this, but it can be very useful to clarify and help you along the way to have a successful shop on Blomming !

What? You still didn’t open your Shop on Blomming??!! What are you waiting for?

Finally, to relax after all these hints, tips and work to do, I think that the ideal is a little bit of shopping!