Pinterest: What Is It And How to Use It with Your Shop

Categories: Pinterest, Seller Tips By Laís Fulgencio

Created in 2009 and launched in early 2010, Pinterest has really changed the game. It is a visual social network which pleases the eyes of those who use images as inspiration or work. Users share photos that are posted on a virtual “wall” and group them in boards. The site layout brings to mind that old hobby to make photographs scrapbooks.


An example of board on Pinterest

You can make your own boards of beautiful imagery that you can collect everywhere on the web, or you can re-pin a picture you like once you find it on Pinterest itself. It means you can make it part of your own boards, keeping the original source, and share it with your friends. Everything, in fact, is based on social connections: you follow users you like, and vice versa. Plus, there is the search function, that is a powerful discovery tool. 

If you think about it, having your products in the murals of Pinterest can become an efficient tool to express and popularize your brand, since if someone likes your images they will “pin” the photo in your profile and share it with other users, who, if they like too, will share it with more users, and thus, your product will be seen. But it’s not only so: Pinterest, in fact, is a great source of traffic, too. People who like the photo usually also click on them, and goes to the original page – in this case, e.g., your Blomming Shop.


Blomming, too, is on Pinterest, of course. We started using it long time ago and we find it a great way not only for inspiration, but also for staying in touch with like-minded people and, finally, to help our Shops to make their products seen. We are not only: now there’s plenty of Blommers – people using Blomming – that goes on pinning their creations or other products they like on Blomming’s Social Marketplace. Here’s an example of what you can see if you search for “” on Pinterest:


The best part is that you can pin directly from your Blomming shop: just click on the product you want to pin and then on the button “Pin-it”. When pinning, don’t forget to put hashtags in your pin to help people find you in the search. Hashtag (#) is the keywords that best describe the picture you’re pinning. Make sure the tagged words are broad and cover topics that connect you to the largest audience possible.
For example, if you are posting a picture of a pink ring, you would not want to hashtag only #ring, but rather broader descriptions like #accessory, #pink and #fashion. This way, you assure that you have the potential of connecting to the largest audience possible. 


So what are you waiting for? Put the best pictures of your products in your Blomming Shop, you can find some great tips about how to make a good photo here, go to Pinterest and sign in. Start creating some “Pinboards” and remember to not scoring only content produced by you but also sources that can inspire your buyer. Been part of the community and sharing others pictures will help you been visited and shared too.

Happy… pinning!