Pinterest Drives Traffic To Online Shops. And Now Is On Blomming!

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blomming-pinterest-620x426Now everybody knows it: Pinterest is one of the most interesting applications of recent times. Crazy fast and easy to use, it allows you to create visual collections through boards that are really beautiful to look at. We started using it few times ago, and here are our selections. Pinterest is rallying very fast and, as you can see in the infographic at the bottom of this article, is becoming an important tool for selling online. Of course, we adopted it in the early days and we saw its immediate rise in our referral ranking: in few weeks, and thanks to a simple engagement initiatives to kick it off, it qualified among our top 20 traffic-driving sites.

Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers, says Mashable, among many other online sources following the fast rise of this site. We are happy to say that it has become one of social tools offered by Blomming. Since some time, in fact, every Blomming’s product page has the “Pin It” button, along with the other sharing tools. Try it browsing among the many products on sale on Blomming!