Past in the Present: Photography Project

Categories: Photography, Visual Art By Severine Kaiser


Let me tell you a little story. There is a young guy named Taylor Jones, living in Ontario, Canada and working as an online media expert. Until now, nothing exceptionnal, right? But he is the one who brought a new photography concept. It began on his own Blog: he posted some pictures of his family. The special thing is that he matches an old photography in the present day setting, and takes a picture of it. What happens? This concept attracts 20.000 visits per day on his Blog. And can you imagine that Dear Photograph ranked 7th in the List of the 50 best websites in 2011 by Time magazine?

dear photograph2

Now, the enthusiasm is so strong that the idea has even been published as a Book called “Dear Photograph”. Also on the website of Dear Photograph, everybody is free to submit his own input, with the simple indication: “take a picture of a picture, in the past, in the present”. Or you can subscribe to receive a Dear Photograph everyday.

We are wondering, why do people like this concept? Let’s hear the answer from Jones himself. His opinion is that we are overwelmed by pictures (everybody is sharing pictures; on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…) and people miss holding a real photograph, as nowadays everything is online and we don’t need to print out. In general, people are seeking the nostalgia somehow – “old stuff” is coming back!


What do you feel by looking at these pictures? I have the impression to jump back in the past – back to innocent days. This brings back many memories, sometimes also bittersweet ones. But isn’t it beautiful to see a small part of life of somebody else? We think it is a smart idea to let some memories of the past live again for a moment!