Paper Watch – Personalize Your Watch With Creativity

Categories: Design, Smart Ideas By Mattia e Perla


The watch, bastion of style, is an important accessorie… even if you don’t really use it. It’s there to show who we are, what we like and what our philosophy of life is. For example, I can’t imagine a buisness man with jacket and tie brandishing a raindbow coloured Swatch but, more likely, with a chunky Rolex. From this train of thought Paper Watch¬†was born, from an English brand called¬†Suck UK. Paper Watch is democracy in the world of watches: it’s good for all, no exclusions. It’s peculiarity lies in the material with which it is built: paper. Obviously worked and re-worked so that it is resistent enough to remain safely fastened to your wrist.


You can all probably imagine by now why it is so democratic: you can draw, paint and write on your watch, and therefore personalizing it to suit your taste. A simple and fun idea which comes cheap (only seven pounds), for a watch that actually works as well!Paper-Watch-Orologio-Da-Disegnare

Perfect as a gift for that friend who is always late and you want remind that they should hurry up.