Paper Leaf: A Different Kind of Jewellery

Categories: Jewelry By Francesco Bassetti

paper earrings

Paper Leaf has been with us for a while, and since they joined we have been following her paper jewellery with increased interest. In the past few days she has added still more great items to her collection, and I could not resist letting all you Blommers know about it! With an extra twist and quirkyness to her catalogue of original and beautiful designs Paper Leaf just keeps getting better.

paper leaf-paper jewellery-paper earrings

What we like the most about this shop is the energy and dedication that is put into it. Everything is well made and with an attention to detail, from the items sold to the posts published on her Facebook page. This shop is the ideal place for all those lovers of handmade jewellery and all the inns and outs that surround this world. You can find plenty of interesting events and creations on her Facebook page, and you can also follow her Blog which is rich with discussions, reviews of events and much more!

paper leaf-paper earrings-paper jewellery-paper design-paper jewels

This is the real value of Social Commerce, it isn’t just a place where you look at pictures and buy things, it’s an opportunity; an opportunity to learn, interact and discover people and things, just like walking into a physical shop. It’s not just about the moment in which you buy something but also about all the human interaction that acts as a container for that acquisition, and Paper Leaf embrace this attitude to its fullest!

Visit Paper Leaf’s shop and Happy Blomming!