MYO, a Big Step Forward for Technology!

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We usually talk about arts, creative people and how to use properly social medias. Now, let’s discuss about HUGE technological innovation, the kind of innovation that will change our lives. You think our world is already technological enough? You’ll be surprised to see that it seems to be only the beginning (even if is deeply anchored in our society!)…

One of these innovations is called MYO, created by Thalmic Labs. It is an armband, sensing your arm’s movements to control other technological devices. That means that it detects and responds to your forearm but also finger movements… so thanks to your muscles! How does it work? It uses bluetooth and automatically interacts with compatible devices with electromyography signals.

Maybe you would like to know what you can do with it actually. Well, you can do things such as scrolling through a webpage, playing a videogame without joystick… Broadly, you can control your laptop, smartphone and other technological items. Meaning that you don’t even have to sit anymore in front of your Computer to control it. You’ll understand easier through this video:

Behind this incredible invention: three young founders based in Waterloo, Canada, who launched their own company after graduation (in mechatronics engineering) in 2012. Their team counts 21 members. There are already far more than 30,000 pre-orders! If you are patient and tech-savvy, you can also pre-order your own one for early 2014 for $150. And don’t worry, it should fit to every arm;) Let’s have a look on the founder’s vision:

The Revolution has begun: do you imagine what a big change it can be for our lives? Maybe one day, you will create your Blomming products with… an armband which you control!
Now, back to reality and to the present; the latest technologic items are on Blomming, of course!

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