Open a Blog With Blogspot and Start Selling Online

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For the few of you who don’t have a blog yet, here an post that nobody have written yet (!) how to open a Blog. Joking apart, with the rising of social networks it seems that we lost a bit our habit of “blogging” and there was even someone who recently announced the death of the blogs as a form of communication. Far from being true, blogs are more alive than ever, as this article confirm us.

Alright, so today we will talk about how to open a blog, on a specific, widespread, free and easy to use platform: Blogspot. Are you ready? Then, let’s start.

To start you have to create an account on Gmail if you didn’t do it yet and then go to the website

At this point, you can:
1. Create your new e-mail adress (Sign Up in the green arrow) or
2. Log In.


Once there, click on the box New Blog, that you find on your left, a pop-up will appear asking you to enter the title and some information about your Blog. Then, you have to clarify some things. The address will be the domain that your blog corresponds to (, while the title is the text that will appear at the top of the home page of your blog. Choose a name and a domain that you can understand right away and if you already have a Facebook page  you may want to tie it to your blog so choose, take as far as possible, the same name: it will be easier for your followers / fans to find you.
At this point, choose a template (don’t worry too much about the graphic part: you can customize your blog afterwards) and click on the box Create Blog at the bottom.



Your blog has been created, would you have guessed it was that simple? At this point you will find yourself in front of this screen where you can administrate you blog and:

1. Create a new post
2. See the list of the posts
3. View your Blog

You can now already start to create your first post: try it, and if you don’t like you can edit or delete it later. The new post is displayed on the home page from the most recent to the oldest ones (you can decide how many will be in the home page), and it is worth spending a few words on the pages. If you click  on new post  you will arrive at this screen, (looks a lot like word doesn’t it?) and you can begin to create the skeleton of your first post.

Sem título


If you go to pages, you will be delivered to a screen very like the one of the post but differently from the posts that will be published on the home page, the page will form a menu (at the top or at the side) that will allow your visitors to understand who you are and what you do. The number and the purpose of each page will depend on you and how you want to divide the information for your readers.


As you can see, there is a page that is dedicated to the online shop. How has been created that page in particular? Blomming offers the possibility of integrating the online shop on your blog and customize it: in this way those who want to buy one of your products will not be forced to seek abstruse platforms that you do not trust!
But the beauty of the shop on Blomming is that you can even customize your shop: Tiny Thing chose to leave it the same color, but added a practical guide for purchases online, with the section Purchase and Shipping.


Create a blog from scratch, it is not that difficult: on the internet you will find many tutorials that will help you customize the graphics, to add useful elements (not all are!) or find ideas for your posts. The most important aspect for your blog is definitely the fact to constantly update it and try to interact as much as possible with blogs that deal with similar topics to yours.

Try to look at your blog as an investment, it will not be easy at first but I assure you that if you work with perseverance and dedication the results will not be long in coming! What are the results? For example, a sale!

Happy Blomming!