Balagandã:New Shop on Blomming

Categories: Accessories, Bags, Earrings, Necklaces By Laís Fulgencio

Balangandã is a new shop we have the pleasure to Welcome into Blomming. But where does this name come from? Originaly, Balagandã is a kind of a pin decorated with several small charms  hanging on it where each charm is an amulet to protect the owner from evil eye. It was very used in the XIX Century in Brazil and the name is an onomatopoeia of the sound that those small hanging objects emitted when the owner was moving. It is known as a kind of creole jewels classified as a model of “resistance´s design”, emphasizing the black contribution in the Brazilian culture and the relationship between the creole jewels and their carriers.

An example of a "Balangandã"

An example of a “Balangandã”

We don’t know if Balangandãs products can protect you from evil eye but they surely can protect you from style failure.
Balangandãs is a Portuguese handmade Jewellery and Accessories brand where each piece speaks for itself. The Balangandas pieces are proudly handmade in Aveiro, Portugal, by the fashion designer Solange Castanheira and the items are designed and mainly done with imported materials and no item made is like another, they are unique.
Their products range goes from accessories (rings, bracelets, and necklaces), purses and small bags to home items. In common the certainty that each product is unique, handmade and a fusion of style and design, which incorporates the features of “vintage”, “tribal” and contemporary craft. With great and detailed pictures and descriptions, and the close attention and kindness of Solange, shop on Balangandãs is a very pleasant experience and you can be sure of the characteristics of the product you are buying.

Look how unique is this Clutch? Perfect for using with any summer dress


This cute Zippered Pouch with pockets will keep all your belongings well organized.


This is my favorite one, have you ever saw a wallet this cute?


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