New Facebook Algorithm: what changes for Fanpages?

Categories: Facebook, Seller Tips By Valentina Sangiovanni

Facebook-new-algorithmIn the last weeks lots of people talked about it as the “algorithm that penalizes pages” and, of course, we are talking about the new important announcement made by Facebook about its Edgerank’s adjustment. Perhaps you already noticed some changes on you pages, such as less interaction like Comments, Shares and Likes, but what is really changed? Why? And how can you adjust our pages’ management?

To better understand how the Edgerank works we suggest you to read this introduction about this subject written some time ago. Anyway it’s good to remember, that the Facebook Edgerank is used to estimate the users’ engagement.

Facebook is constantly running tests to improve the news feed quality – the news we see flowing on our homepage – in order to show us, for each of us, just relevant topics which likely will move us toward an action. The tests results showed that users feel more engaged with family and friends, so they interact more with them, rather than with brands and firms. As a result of it, people are now less exposed to our content and pages, on Facebook. And yes, that was the bad news.

As we wrote some time ago, the Facebook Edgerank is made up of three different elements: affinity, weight and time. What has changed now as a result of this announcement?

Affinity, is the relation (or number of interactions) the users has with a page or with other users: if we have frequent contacts with a page or a person, we’ll see them more often.

Weight, is the success of a single post. Whether lots of people likes, comments or shares one of our post, this will automatically become popular and so, more visible to other users.


Time, this element used to be based on the freshest content so, even if a post had been successful, it used to lose importance as time passes by (time decay). Now your posts will be re-published if they get popular (or has lots of “weight”), even if they are “old”.

This three elements however act like a “snowball effect”. If a person usually don’t catch our posts, it’s less probably he’ll share or comments on them, if he won’t see them at all. As well as higher “weight” posts which will become really popular, penalizing less famous pages.

The Facebook press release however contains also an interesting suggestion about the post type. Whether we thought that pictures was the best way to post, the famous social network explains that’s not enough.

According to the tests results people likes better the original link, with metada in it. So forget about shortlink and, while posting, remember to wait for the engine to upload the whole content (as you see on the image below).


But why all these changes? Facebook is trying to offer the best service to its users (which means avoiding irrelevant topic for each user), but nonetheless Facebook is a firm, which purpose is making profit, using in example Promoted Post.

Follow up, you’ll find 3 suggestion to improve your Facebook’s page visibility, despite the new algorithm:

High quality content. Try to post content that is really interesting for your fans and avoid being too self-referential. The key words are entertain, inform and engage.

Promoted Post and adv. Because of the new “rules” keeping in mind these tools could be a great solution. Although it’s a sore point, everybody knows that Facebook couldn’t be free forever, at least if used as a marketing tool.

- Just real fans. Rather than struggle to growing out your fans’ number, try to be strategic and build a real supporters’ community. Instead work on  increasing your most active users’ loyalty.

Another suggestion is avoiding competitions or free gift to attract new fans: whether you’ll hook more people, those won’t be really engaged with your page. Instead arrange discounts, gadgets or prizes for your most loyal and active fans: they’ll be thrilled!