New Shop: Willkommen Bijondo

Categories: Bracelets, Earrings, Jewelry, Necklaces, Rings By Laís Fulgencio

Hallo Blommers! Wie geht es dir?

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No, don’t worry; I am not going to write in German. It’s just to introduce you to the new amazing shop we now have the pleasure to welcome to Blomming.
There is not a worse feeling for women than opening the wardrobe, look around and not finding what to wear. However; often what you need is not new clothes, but accessories to compose different productions or to give a makeover to that jeans and t-shirt look.
Undoubtedly, accessories are a key in fashion and are an excellent strategy to diversify the wardrobe and reaffirm personality traits and style without costing too much.
Bijondo is a German accessories shop where you can find the latest trends in jewelry as well as timeless basics pieces for every woman.  Their amazing and unique earrings, bracelets and rings will bring more color and soul to any look. The best thing is that now it is only a click away from you on Blomming.


Three of my favorites earrings on Bijondo.

You would be surprised how one piece of accessory can change an entire look; be inspired by Bijondo necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches and hair accessories and bring a color soul to your look and life.

Happy Blomming!