Need For Speed: Performance is a Feature

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software performance is a featureThe Slow-Motion Internet). Coding Horror gives more technical tips in their great post Performance is a Feature. The starting quote is simple yet, well… conclusive:

The faster your website is, the more people will use it.

This follows logically if you think like an information omnivore: the faster you can load the page, the faster you can tell whether that page contains what you want. Therefore, you should always favor fast websites. The opportunity cost for switching on the public Internet is effectively nil, and whatever it is that you’re looking for, there are multiple websites that offer a similar experience. So how do you distinguish yourself? You start by being, above all else, fast.

We strongly believe in this and that’s why we worked a lot to improve performances of our platform on the whole stack: client-side, application-side and tuning the database. Talking about specific technologies, we are using, when possible, low level caching methods (powered by Memcached¬†– the same used by Facebook) and an open source search engine (called Sphinx) to browse your products and to search in the Blomming marketplace.

Blomming still has big areas of improvement. Today’s one is a step forward.¬†Other improvements will come in the next releases.