Natural Bath and Beauty Products

Categories: Health & Beauty By Francesco Bassetti

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The RedDirtCandleCompany is a shop run by Rebeca Hazaleus whose committment to natural and simple products distingushes her shop from so many others, whose products are filled with endless lists of incomprehensible ingredients. At this shop all items are handmade and composed of 100% natural ingredients for the natural Body and Bath world. As she herself states on her crisp and clear, yet warm and welcoming Facebook page: ‘Red Dirt Bath and Candle focuses on simple ingredients and packaging, resulting in lower prices than you will find in boutiques and department stores. Since we use only simple, natural ingredients our products are safe for children, pets, and the environment.’

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For example the salt scrubs, pictured above, are 100% natural, derived from Himalayan salts and made with a blend of olive, jojoba and argan oil that gently exfoliates dry patches and moisturizes your skin. Sounds wonderful right?

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Her soaps are also along these lines with the added bonus of them being the ‘signature’ product of this store. They are made with oils and butters that are selected specifically for the skin, including the use of pure cream. Furthermore, once made these soaps are cured for a minimum of three months to garuntee maximum softness and gentleness on the skin. They are completely safe and suitable for children pets and the enironment, not only because of their properties but also due to the fact that they are packaged in 100% recycled material.

What more can we say; great products and an ethos that should be replicated by all vendors within and without of the beauty and body care field. Buy these products here for a softer skin and cleaner way of producing.