Let´s Go Visit My Sister´s Closet?

Categories: Fashion, Shopping By Laís Fulgencio




For every woman, wearing trend-setting clothes and being in touch with their fashion sense is tantamount to being the talk of the town. My Sister´s Closet  is a store you fall in love at the first sight. The clothes go from Vintage to Street Styles passing through classic, this all without talking about the amazing  knows what would complement your body while keeping track of the trends that are creating a stir in the market without the high price.



My Sister’s Closet, was founded by single mother Crystal Silva, who needed to supplement her family’s income. After losing her job, Crystal was unable to find full time employment due to the failing economy. So, she started the Shop.
When researching products and other venues prior to opening Crystal realized a that lot of the same products were sold across the internet. Her goal was to find unique products to offer to customers without having to charge them to much for it.


“Women want to go to their special event and not see another person wearing thesame dress. We strive to find unique products that have affordable pricing. It is essential to balance what will complement the body while staying with the trends that are creating a stir in the market. This does not necessarily mean buying expensive outfits from major labels.”



She definitely did it and the pieces on My Sisters Closet are a good example of a great marriage between price, uniqueness and quality that you must check it out !

Happy Shopping!