Motivation is the Key to Success

Categories: Inspirational, Smart Ideas By Severine Kaiser

make things happen

We are all going through this once: you lost the envy to create something today, or simply the desire to work. You procrastinate. Look at your blank sheet. Stare at your computer. Times like these happen! But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up or put back into quesion your whole concept. What you need is juste a little bit… motivation. Let’s go on and make a list of what to do:

1. Clearly set up your goal.
Of course, having your own business can be a goal, but it is not the final one. It needs to work, remember? The keyword is analyzing. Analyzing who are your competitors, what you can bring to people, how your business will be known; broadly: how you will succeed. You didn’t think about these matters? There are essentials because you have to know how to proceed.
So what, you think your goal seems so far, faaaar away? Turn it into something positive: be determined not to be dettered from your goal. Don’t be afraid of failures, they will happen once but you won’t make the mistake twice. And, in case they could happen, prepare carefully a Plan B. You will get more confident when you know in advance how to react in a critical situation.

2. Step by step plan
A goal isn’t reached within few days, sorry to break your illusions;) On the way to it, define clear milestones. They are sort of intermediate objectives on the way to the final goal. Each one you will pass is considered an interim success and will be a proof that you’re on the right way. There are essential for staying motivated, so you feel that it IS possible after all.┬áDon’t be frustrated if it takes long or seems difficult, ask yourself the right questions: do I need somebody to do this task? If I advertise it this way, will it work better? This product didn’t have success, maybe put forward another one? Face the difficulties!


3. On the road
After each milestone you successfully passed, give yourself permission of a little break, a sort of “mission accomplished” celebration. As long a you’re making progress, it is essential to take some time and admire what you achieved. Why? Because working is taking energy. If you barely see your successes, you will get tired (work costs a lot of energy!), and seing what you passed makes you confident for reaching the next milestone.
Sometimes, on the way to your precious goal, you find other opportunites and chances. Take them into consideration and think about the fact if they’re helpful or not for your business. But don’t move away from your milestones that you set up previously.

And finally… Gooooaaall! Once you reached your goal, what happens next? Maybe now is the time to go back to some of the opportunities. Always try to improve, to innovate, It isn’t because you achieved your goal that you don’t have anything to do anymore. The world is constantly changing, and so does your business.

Be prepared to everything, and… keep Blomming for more success!