5 Ideas to Make the Best out of Rainy Days

Categories: Inspirational, Shopping By Severine Kaiser

rainy days
This november is kind of… rainy. It is difficult to find motivation to go out, so we rather stay comfortably at home. But what can we do that this terrible weather doesn’t affect our mood and makes us want to do nothing? Here some tips and ideas to have a productive day while not putting your feet outside.

Doing a Movie marathon - you never watched that movie your friend was talking about? Go for it. For more fun, choose a subject: for example Comedy movies to watch with your best friend, Disney movies with your children or Thrillers alone (how brave). With a warm blanket as a weapon against the cold, the afternoon will be reposing. Why is it sort of productive? Let’s call it “catching up some cinematographic knowledge”, and that won’t do any harm;)
movie marathon Cooking - seems boring? Turn it into a culinar experience: prepare a sort of banquet for your family or friends. Try a new receipe, call your kids for help and think about the dessert… It’s usually a nice way to spend time with close people. And once your meals are ready, you can enjoy them in good company.
cookingDoing some sport - I’m sorry, but I have to mention it: it’s also the perfect time to do some exercise!! You just need to wear cosy clothing, to take a mat and to turn on your favorite music, and 1, 2, 3! It’s perfect to get rid of stress feelings, and after half an hour of sport you feel already energized (and you’ll feel lighter after the meal, ha.)
stk62749corRelaxing - time to treat yourself well! After a long week of hard-working, you surely deserve a hot bubble bath. You can use this time to take care of your body: with peelings, masks… It isn’t time wasting at all: taking time for yourself is necessary to recharge your batteries and facing the next week!

bathroomSurfing through the internet - because it is high time to look for your Christmas presents and catch the best deals! But you already know that you’ll find your happiness on Blomming, especially with the Christmas Gift finder. Enjoy the hunt, and Happy Blomming!