Make Money with Pinterest!

Categories: Pinterest, Seller Tips By Severine Kaiser


You already know what is Pinterest and how to use it so it’s time we go a step further and go into details about the advantages of Pinterest for your Shop. If you think Pinterest is just a great tool to publish pictures of your products and make publicity, you are right but you will also discover new possibilities which are way more important for your business. But did you know that 80% of the Top 15 Pinterest categories are connected to E-commerce?

As most of our Blommers are selling their hand-made products, the key fact is to present the products in the best way possible. How can I increase the number of likes and, at the same time, the sales?

The first tip is to photograph your product in use, and not only in the traditional way (without any scenery). You sell jewelry? Photograph somebody wearing it. Also shoot your home decor item in an appropriate location or let somebody wear your clothes in an adapted situation (for example, a business suit in a meeting) if you’re fashion designer. Show your product in a “everyday” situation so people know what it looks like to own it. Pinterest is all about images, take only the best ones and you are on the right way for more likes, clicks, comments and shares!

Then, you could use your customers as “testimonials”: re-pin their pictures in which they are showing/using your product so you have also more content for your boards. This is the best way to publicize your products to new potential buyers.
We also advice you to use the new function called Rich Pins. For using it you just need to pin your product directly from your Product Page at your Blomming Shop.
Open a Business Account, it gives you considerable advantages. Put your products in one of the 3 categories currently available (product/recipe/movie) and put your prices, customers prefer products with price tags! Embed Pinterest Boards on your website to increase the chances to be followed back!

Products on Pinterest

If you don’t sell a product, but propose something digital (software, courses…) or services, you can approach Pinterest differently, for example by creating a portfolio board with some of your work. It is very easy: just edit each Pin and link them back to the page of your service on your website (if you have one). Also in this case, it is important to collect customer testimonials pictures/videos and put them in a testimonials board. Link a picture to the specific service available on your website, so the customer is landing exactly where you want him to be!
Share some advices and your sources of inspiration for your customers: for example, if you are a fashion stylist, you can create videos with “tips for getting dressed for parties” and if they don’t know how to put it into practice, you might be called for your help as you are the one offering this services.

services on Pinterest

And, remember: the objective is to get people excited – put a discount on a product and publish it on Pinterest. The result: it is becoming visually more attractive and can generate more sales (and that’s what we all want, right?)

How to be popular on Pinterest?

First, to be followed, you also need to follow. Post often new pins, with high quality image.  Be careful not to repeat the same pin frequently. You can also add the Pinterest Follow Button to your website or blog to increase the chances of having more fans.  Always comment if a Pin is popular, and share Pins as much as possible! Embed this in your head: the more you repin, the more traffic it will get to your boards. Finally, use Pinterest Analytics to see if the work…works!
Happy Pin!