Mabel Morri – Illustrations and Drawings which Touch your Heart

Categories: Shopping, Visual Art By Severine Kaiser

COVER mabel morri
Today, I would like to talk about a new illustrator who landed on Blomming only a few weeks ago, but who has already caught our hearts! Her name is Mabel Morri, she was born in Rimini in 1975 and she graduated from the School of Comics in Milan. Mabel says of herself that she draws since she has no memory, “drawing is a little bit like breathing for me”. It is vital: when she was young, she took inspiration from different styles, such as the invasion of the Japanese cartoons; but Mabel gone her own way, inspired by the experiences, the everyday¬†encounters and the randomness that dominate our lives.
Even today, Mabel has still a lot of things to tell, and she does so with the characteristic of those who want to touch our mind: focussing on thoughts and emotions rather than on actions and events. In her shop, you will find some of her wonderful illustrations, which have the power to touch the heart strings and to guide us through a dreamlike atmosphere, but it has the flavor of reality and the present. Her drawings are surely popular for this reason: they are able to accompany us to the emotions that sooner or later, we all have experienced.
mabmorri personMabel Morri draws since more than twenty years and can count among its productions the publication of short stories in over ten volumes, national and international. In 1999 she founded with some friends the independent publishing house Monkey Studio, which publishes the fanzine “Have you ever noticed the shape of apples?”. After ten years, a period in which Mabel received several awards and important recognitions, she released her first graphic novel “You and I on Naboo” published by Kappa Edizioni, thanks to which it has been awarded during to the balloon festival in Sarzana in Liguria.

Cover 2 mabel morriAmong her latest works, there is her second graphic novel “Five hundred millions of stars”, published again by Kappa Edizioni and released in March 2013. Mabel Morri is an artist with a great sensitivity that has chosen to draw before publishing¬†regardless of the success: “you realize its futility over the time, it’s even superfluous, instead of concentrating on my own name and job, I chose that I want to draw.”

mabmorriTo get some more news on Mabel Morri or to admire her beautiful work, you can visit her website or her Blomming Shop!