Luci and Perle By Delia Bijoux: Beautiful Handmade Accessories

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It has been so long since we have talked about the art of  handmade jewelry. For a good start this week, however, I decided to tell you about a craftswoman who believed in her passion to such an extent that it becomes almost a job. She is Delia Piccari, known on Blomming and on Facebook, under the name of Delia Bijoux.

She it is from Rimini, a Italian city located  on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Europe, which for sure is a great place to search for inspiration. She is also a great swimmer and a tango dancer, in short she is an active person with a thousand of passions and really great tenacity. Delia creates all sorts of handmade rings, bracelets and necklaces as well as pendants and keychains for mobile phones. Each one prettier then the previous one.


Taking a look at her amazing production we can see that her true passion are earrings and pendants minimalists inspired by the abstract form or appearance of nature. In short, a parade of colors and shapes that is a wonder to behold!
At Luci e Perle of Delia  Bijoux shop you will find accessories made with semi-precious stones, glass, resin and Swarovski crystals, but also wood, and especially nickel-free materials, also suitable for those who suffer from allergies.


Find all the jewels of Delia on her Blomming Shop and Facebook page and stay update on the latest creations, but especially on discounts and promotions that almost every month are offered.