Live Like An Artist

Categories: Arts & Crafts, Inspirational By Laís Fulgencio

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How many of us grew up feeling a little ‘… LikePicasso? How do you recognize the artistic talent? Who knows how to distinguish the real talent from what is not and does really makes sense to make this distinction?! Is not every art, art in someway?
Whether you acknowledge it, or deny it, we all have talents.  Everyday kids and adults are informed of their unique abilities.  The problem is that throughout the years pressure from family/friends and society  to follow a certain path keep our true talent under the surface.


Find the motivation to pursue your dreams even when everything and everyone seems to row against, retain your creativity.
Let go, think outside the box … Easier said than done? Not if we look “beyond” the imagination has no limits …
And no matter what the result: never give up on your dreams!
Part is talent but other is hard work.

Happy Weekend!