La Grig and The Art of Creating Cute Little Monsters

Categories: Arts & Crafts, Shopping By Severine Kaiser

la grigToday, we will talk about the original stuffed animals made by La Grig! They are bizarre and funny characters imagined by Elena Grigoli, also known as La Grig. Elena graduated from the Disney Academy in Milan and spent a year in Turin to work for Qui Communicazione and finally returned to her hometown Verona. She specialized in drawing, illustration, graphic design and also… stuffed animals!
la grig crocodilePassionated about drawing and comic books since her childhood, she followed her path over the years and has among others strong partnerships with Diele Alexander, Alexander Pastori and Valentina Carigliano… And she’s not ready to stop here yet!
la grig girlIn her Blomming Shop, you will dive into an echanted world of characters which will make your imagination wander and stimulate your soft side. These monsters are entirely made by hand – in addition to her passion for design, Elena also developed incredible sewing skills.
la grig oursWhether Emily the Dog, the Squirrel musk, or Francesorso: all her creations are made of felted fabric, padding of wool while the legs are flexible because of the wire inside. Some cute monsters can even stand alone!

You can also watch useful tutorials on her Youtube channel, to learn how to work on these masterpieces and to understand how these stuffed animals come to life!

la grig cat

We will hear for sure more about her in the future, so don’t miss her Shop:¬†for cuddling times, they are perfect! They can also be made on commission, so don’t worry about not finding the right one for you;)