Leonardi Milano: Style, Elegance and Fine Leather, with a touch of Technology

Categories: Arts & Crafts, Bags, Fashion, Handmade, Shoes By Valentina Sangiovanni


Image a couple of young entrepreneurs, both creative and single-minded, then add to them the true love for traditional crafting and season everything with a touch of technology: you’ll get Leonardi Milano! A brand that aim to display, even throughtout the internet, the beauty of the handmade crafted fine leather,  Made in Italy.


Leonardi Milano was born in 2013, in Milan, thanks to Paolo Broglia and Jacopo Moschini. And it’s exactly in Milan, the exciting cosmopolitan city, that the two guys met and based their  brand. A creative and cutting-edge fashion house that keep drawing from the past glorious traditions. 


In Leonardi Milano‘s shop, you’ll find high quality leather goods and fine cashmere clothing: belts, bags and shoes, but also leisure times objects and design items, such as the iPad cover and beautiful desk lamps.


The typical Italian excellence is brought to us through new forms of communication and new distribution’s channels! Richness and Made in Italy cease to be limited in craft shops and ateliers and, thanks to Leonardi Milano, they become available to all of us at the easiness of our homes, via e-commerce or at the boutique, but throughout an easy touch screen that allow us to customize every items.


Leonardi wants to be an example of Made in Italy 2.o, matching fine leather crafted product, made by following traditional techniques, with new and exciting technologies.