A Women’s Heaven: Le Fate Boutique!

Categories: Bags, Fashion, Jewelry, Shoes By Valentina Sangiovanni

Le-Fate-BoutiqueI just found out today that if I went to Le Fate Boutique few days ago I could have take the advantage of a 20% discount! This is the nice deal proposed by the boutique for everybody going to shopping in the day of their birthday. For sure a great gift, don’t you think? Since Le Fate Boutique arrived on Blomming, has won our heart… or, at least, our girlish heart!


Le Fate Boutique offers fine and elegant clothing as well as a huge selection of accessories. Excellent leather trim, as bags, belts and shoes together with impressive jewellery: it’s like entering a dream, an heaven for every woman.


Le Fate Boutique  was founded in 2010 in one of the most important street in Bergamo and, since then, it welcomes its customers with experience and kindness, to guide them through a shopping experience that is, at the same time, relaxed and exciting.

It may happen that customers are enchanted by the wide range of goods proposed: everything handmade with the best materials available!  We can find stiff and minimal clutch, together with small leather bag in crocodile print, and also classic satchel or shoulder bags: all made of the best leather available.

hard-gold-clutch-bagBesides the bag, in Le Fate Boutique‘s shop the selections of clothes and jewellery are based on elegnance and glamour, without forgetting simplicity and comfort. We’ll find short dressed in delicate nuances, space pattern, but also strong and keen colors. Styles are neat and clean without excessive frills.



The wide selection of clothing and accessories, based on the highest quality, is the result of a costant aesthetic research, achieved thanks to long experience in the fashion fiels, but most of all, thanks to the passion for beautiful things and made ​​with care!



Le Fate Boutique, doesn’t desing fashion, it design a lifestyle” is their motto. To learn more about this beautiful clothes and accessories, visit the Le Fate Boutique’s Facebook page, or the official website of the exclusive boutique!