Kokeshi And Daruma Dolls: Welcome JapanPrimavera!

Categories: Arts & Crafts, Shopping By Alejandro Mendo

Ever since their very firstday at Blomming, JapanPrimavera conquered the whole Staff. Not that we were inexperienced with kawaii products, but JapanPrimavera is different.  Their creations are not only adorable, but cute and pretty.

Their Kokeshi dools, their Maneki Neko and their mini Daruma are in fact produced by craftsmen in Japan and represent the perfect meeting point between Japanese traditions and the extreme modernity of this country. This is the online version of a physical store, which is located in Bologna. Here’s their Facebook Page from which you can purchase Japanese manufactured objetcs.

It seems that in their store they also sell the famous Furoshiki, the traditional scarf used to wrap, carry or decorate different objects. Oh, and if necessary, they become comfortable bags as well. So… when do we expect their debut on Blomming? :)

A big and warm 歓迎 (Welcome!) to JapanPrimavera.


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