Knitta! to Buy, Make and Customize Knitted Masterpiece!

Categories: Accessories, Bags, Handmade By Valentina Sangiovanni


Today we would like to introduce to you an amazing group of people who knit, teach to knit and also knit under your instructions. They go under the name of Knitta! with the exclamation mark to point out their passion for creating beautiful knitted work… even following your requests.


Knitta! is a young firm that can rely on many years of experience in tailoring, knitting and yarns in general. Their love for handmade and crafting works has made Knitta! a unique company: they’re not just knitting beautiful clothes and accessories, but also teach you to create something amazing with your just hands, some yarns and few tools.

In addition to that Knitta! can create amazing custom works for you!


In their shop, together with knitted spring coats, clutch bag and shawl, you’ll find also pattern, tutorial and kit to create your own personal project. They also have a workshop where they welcome you to discuss about your own pieces “from the idea to the sytle, from the material to the final creation, because your accessories must be unique, just like you“.


The material used for the different bags, scarfs or capes you’ll find in Knitta! shop are absolutely natural and produced in ecological way “we look just for raw natural materials, from local suppliers; we want to know everything about what we are buying and what we are selling to you because our responsability as a company starts with environmental respect and contributions to our customers wellness“.


All Knitta! products are available in their online shop, accessible on  BlommingFacebook and also on, where you can also find free patterns, curiosity, and news from the yarn worls… just like stretching post knitting!